Facebook Competitions – 10 Tips On How To Do It Right

How to run a Facebook contest properly graphic

My last post about Facebook Like and Share competitions seems to have been quite popular, ended up being my highest traffic blog post to date.  So if you read it, thanks, and if you read it and then shared it somewhere (as quite a few did), then thanks even more 🙂 Contests are still a […]

Facebook Like and Share Competitions Account Suspended Graphic

The Americans have a phrase which I like to think applies to “Like and Share” competitions on Facebook – they’re “like shooting fish in a barrel”, meaning you’re doing something which is effortless / simple / easy. However, as with the similar phrase “like taking candy from a baby”, it feels like there’s something wrong […]

See who viewed your Facebook Profile graphic

Just a quick one today, and it’s only because I’ve got 3 of these in the last 2 days on my own Facebook profile (one from a business using a profile, but that’s for another day!) There are quite a few of these circulating claiming to let you know who’s been looking at your Facebook […]

Facebook for Business Seminar – places going quick

Facebook for Business Seminar Derry Londonderry

I’m holding a Facebook for Business Seminar on Monday 22nd April if you (or anyone you know in the Derry / Londonderry area) would be interested in learning more about how to use Facebook properly for your business. Click on the logo to the left for further details and booking options – we have limited […]

How suited is your Business to being on Facebook?

Facebook Business Score Logo

Whether you haven’t taken the plunge yet to get your head around Facebook and start marketing your business on the platform, or you’ve already started (well, everyone else is on it, aren’t they!), but you just don’t seem to be getting any traction, then this is for you. I’ve spoken with a surprising number of […]

Facebook’s New Replies Feature: Available on your Page today

Facebook new Repies Feature

Facebook today roll out more changes for Pages & brands, with an option to opt in to a feature which will hopefully make it easier to have conversations on your page – their new Replies feature. Basically this means that no longer will comments appear in a straight line below your original post. Once you […]

5 Simple Tips to Take Advantage of the New Facebook changes

Facebook Timelines Changing Image

Facebook announced a few weeks back that their newsfeed has been given a revamp, (you should see yours changing as they roll it out over the next few weeks), and you may also have recently heard of the introduction of “Graph / Social Search”, which is in beta test at the minute (basically meaning that […]

How Local Food Providers can use the Horsemeat Scandal to gain some Marketing Capital

Support your Local Butcher image

The recent horsemeat food scandal, which started with an Irish lab finding horse DNA in one batch of frozen burgers from a Monaghan-based food processing plant, has now escalated to a massive European-wide can of worms. Many people (myself included) were probably not aware of the fact (or maybe we didn’t want to think too […]

Case Study of a Successful Groupon Marketing Campaign

Daily Deal sites chalkboard graphic

I’ve had a few people ask me about this over the past few weeks, and thought it would be useful to add it here also. This is a case study of a Groupon voucher deal I ran for a client in 2011, which I think is still relevant today. This was featured in the Irish […]

Marketing your Consultancy: “I know it’s our first date, but let’s get married!”

Consultancy Marketing Proposal Pic

Johnny’s both nervous and excited. He’s on his way to his first date with Amanda, and the butterflies in his stomach are doing cartwheels. He has the flowers bought, he’s wearing his favourite shirt, and there’s a very nice restaurant table with his name on it booked for 7:30. He arrives at Amanda’s front door […]

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