Olympics Rings London 2012

I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked on the Olympics at the minute. I’m normally not that obsessed with sport, but with this I’m watching everything I can. Can’t get enough of it. The highs, the lows, the controversies, the drama, and everything in between – I’m hooked! And one thing struck me as […]

How “Sticky” is your website?

Honey Jars

To you, your business is probably one of the most fascinating things in your life. As an SME owner you most likely live, eat, sleep and breathe your business, and you could talk about it all day long. Just in case you’re under any illusion that it’s as fascinating to other people, then I’m sorry […]

Revamp your Website Postit Note Image

I had a meeting the other day with a small business owner who expressed concern that his website was not doing what it should be doing in terms of bringing in leads. The reason? Because it was outdated – it was done over 3 years ago and just looks old. So he wanted me to […]

GM Facebook Advertising

Unless you’ve been in a bubble for the past few weeks, you’ll be aware that Facebook recently went public with an IPO. You may (or may not) also be aware that a few days before said stock market launch, General Motors cancelled their $10 million advertising budget with Facebook. Kinda begs the question – “Do […]

Welcome to my Small Business Marketing Blog

Welcome Mat Image

Hello and welcome to my blog, where I will be talking about all things small business marketing, focussing on how you can use digital marketing better to drive your business, and covering some useful resources and tips that will help you in your business I hope you find it useful, and please feel free to […]

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